Surveys Can Save Taxpayers


All of us are repeatedly asked to take surveys after doing business with various privately owned businesses. Yet, when does a government employee ever ask you to take a survey following his or her job performance? Never. Why not have government surveys routinely conducted? Every time any local, state or federal government employee completes a job for a taxpaying citizen he or she, or the contracted company, should be surveyed. Three bad surveys and that government employee, or contractor, is out. Imagine the improvement in job performances if post offices, tax offices, airports, all AmTrack trains and medical care facilities were subject to surveys. In the private sector if consumers do not like a product or service of any company, or its employees, they simply go buy from another company. But Americans have no recourse when government employees fail to perform for them. Being able to submit job performance surveys that could affect a government employee’s job rank would  be “Huge!”


Of course unions are going to scream and say hostile people, for no reason, could fill in enough false surveys to harm government workers. But that is not how it actually works. Surveys in the business world indicate to management where corrections can be made to save the company expenses and to create a more productive working environment. In truth, it is usually private sector employees themselves who fill out such surveys. No doubt there are government workers also who can tip off Washington on where and how to save tax dollars. After all, they too are taxpayers!

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