Bring Back Churchill’s Bust!

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, “The inherent virtue of socialism is that everyone is equally miserable.” Soon after being sworn in as President in 2009 Barrack Obama sent back to England a bust of Winston Churchill he did not want in the Oval Office. It was given to the USA by Great Britain after we suffered 9/11, to then Present George W. Bush. This bust of Churchill signified that Britain would stand with the United States to fight against terrorism, just as we helped Britain fight in World War II. When Obama shipped Churchill’s bust back to England he replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King. Obama said he felt since he was the first Black President in the White House having a bust of Mr. King in the Oval Office was more appropriate. And that’s fine, but why couldn’t he keep both busts in the Oval Office? Mr. Obama said it would clutter the place up too much and so Mr. Churchill was sent home to England. Why not have moved him to another place of honor in the White House? If Mr. Trump removes Mr. King’s bust from the Oval Office you can hear the screams now, “Racist!”

thebustBring back Britain’s bust of Churchill. Let us thank England for its brave gesture and welcome the bust of PM Churchill back into the White House. Let us show England, and the world, we agree with Brexit. People have the right to protect their borders, their history, their religions and their culture. Bring back the bust of Winston Churchill now! Give it a place of honor in the White House. Likewise for Mr. King. Keep his bust in a place of high honor too in the White House. We are all in this together, white, black and Western European. Terrorists don’t like any of us. Now more than ever we need to stand together.  E-Mail Mr. Trump to bring back Mr. Churchill!   

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