GOP Rules Supreme

By now everyone knows in 2017 Republicans will control the Congress. In the Senate the GOP has 52 seats, the Democrats 48; in the House it has 241 seats out of 435; and across the 50 United States there are 39 GOP Governors. The National Conference of State Legislators says the GOP today holds 4,100 seats out of 7,383 state legislative seats nationwide. Demos lost 919 seats in various state legislatures since Barack Obama has been President. Even in the liberal state of Oregon, where no Republican has won a state wide election in 14 years, there is now a GOP victory.


In 2016 Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian fined two bakery owners in Portland with a $135,000 fine when they refused to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians. As a Christian married couple, Aaron and Melissa Klein said it would violate their religious beliefs to participate in a same-sex marriage ceremony. They are popular local bakers. They offered to find another bakery for the lesbians. But Commissioner Avakian said even as Christians working in their own privately owned bakery in Portland, they did not have the right to refuse to make a cake for anyone. The Owners of Sweet Cakes paid the $135,000 fine, and shortly thereafter were forced into bankruptcy. fined-cook

But in Oregon, in November, liberals and conservatives voting together overwhelmingly drove Avakian out of political business. He lost his bid to become Oregon’s Secretary of State. New Oregon Secretary of State is Dennis Richardson, the first Republican in Oregon to be elected to a statewide office in 14 years. Liberal and conservatives together in Oregon voted out intolerance when they saw it.cake

Likewise, the American people together on Nov. 8th voted against the intolerant Democratic Party. Within a few weeks the effect of these votes will reign supreme when President Trump selects the next conservative to sit upon the nation’s Supreme Court. Interpretations of the U.S. Constitution’s Freedom of Religion will be forefront.

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