Kellyanne First with Cruz


 Trump Presidential Campaign Manager and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway 

Kellyanne Fitzgerald Conway, 49, is the first woman ever to run a Republican presidential campaign, much less a victorious one. She is called the ‘Trump whisperer’ because she can influence Trump politically when others cannot. Conway’s parents divorced when she was three. “I grew up in a house with my mom, her mom, and two of my mother’s unmarried sisters. Four Italian Catholic women raised me,”  she said. She grew up in Atco, N.J., not far from Atlantic City, and is an honors graduate of two Ivy League colleges as well as having been Phi Beta Kappa at Oxford. She is married to George T. Conway III, a New York lawyer. They have four children.


Kellyanne Conway gave then Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz poll updates. 

Conway first worked for Ted Cruz to become President. She ran the Ted Cruz super pack. When Cruz quit the race for President Donald Trump sought her out for a second time. Trump was actually first to ask Conway to work for his campaign. He knew of her success in creating a successful Polling Company in 1995 that focused on asking female voters what they sought in political candidates. GOP heavy weights like Newt Gingrich had contracted her services. But that is not the only reason why Trump sought her out. Trump first met Conway in 2006 when she was living in Trump Tower in Manhattan. She served on the building’s condo board and was noticeably capable. Conway told the Washington Post she was surprised how Trump would show up at their board meetings personally to ask what their oncerns were. When Trump invited her last March to work on his Presidential campaign she declined because Conway says she is a solid conservative. She preferred promoting Ted Cruz. Today she is fully committed to President Donald Trump as they strive together to Make America Great Again!

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