Soft Corruption of Perino & Rove

Movement conservatives have for years pleaded with Republican leaders to stand up for something—publicly—against the Leftist press, media and bureaucracy. Always claiming bipartisanship, working together, “crossing the aisle” and other platitudes, the Republican establishment never took a stand on issues critical to most Americans. Never be divisive.

Two weeks ago there were articles all over the web about the coming Republican Party demise. Today articles discuss how the Democratic Party may one day again become a national party again. How much one person, standing up for principles, can do! Behold what a difference fighting back means. And witness the pent-up demand from a population that is no longer a minority.

The vacuous, tepid commentary of the last 2 decades of Republican messaging are well represented by Dana Perino and Karl Rove. Every night America sees one or both on television incorrectly forecasting the next big thing or providing post facto commentary on what they just missed. Perino and Rove are the best examples of the moderate Republican corruption that has so badly served America for 20 years. Corruption because they cared more about being liked, getting Fox gigs, selling books, than standing up for critical issues in a rapidly devolving civilization.

While Dana Perino can show pictures of her cute dog while she sells her latest insipid book about nonsense, one remembers she once had a chance to actually do something meaningful. As press secretary, a former spokesperson for a president, she can still be one who fights back. But no, not Dana. She smiles, does a few talking points, and then is off to a career as another Fox genetically gifted blonde with not much insight but a big paycheck.

President George W. Bush’s Deputy Chief of Staff was Karl Rove. Today he is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Political Contributor to Fox News. “The Republican Party will lose the White House, the Senate and many of its House seats if Donald Trump becomes the party’s presidential nominee,” said Karl Rove last October. “If Mr. Trump is its standard-bearer, the GOP will lose the White House and the Senate, and its majority in the House will fall dramatically,” he wrote in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal.  Rove also said nominating Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for president could be dangerous.

Karl Rove, whose political predictions have been woefully wrong on just about every prediction he makes, takes his little white board—after the fact—and tells viewers just why an election went the way he never predicted—county by county. But Rove is an architect of the administration’s decision to never fight back—never take a stand—never stand up for your beliefs. Rove bears significant personal responsibility for what happens when Republicans do not fight for something—anything meaningful. Rove is someone who materially contributed to the 8 catastrophic years of Obama.


Look at the Left and how they are different. When the Left serve an administration, they never stop fighting. They move the ball on every play. They may get Fox gigs too, or maybe CNN or MSNBC, but they keep in the fight.

There is not a Leftist commentator on any network who is not still in for the struggle. No reaching across the aisle there. No books about cute little dogs. The Left is in the fight to win and they understand there is no higher priority than implementing their agenda.

For the Republican players, there is Fox News and books about cute little dogs while the country begs for civilizing leadership.

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One thought on “Soft Corruption of Perino & Rove

  1. The fight to Make America Great Again has only just begun with Trump as President. This article exemplifies that thought. Thank you. Though he is rich, Mr. Trump is not an elitist. He works hard for his money, like we do. Rove and Perino are GOP elitists who make big money by being nice. They need to go away now. Their comments are falling on deaf ears after Nov. 8th. If the GOP wants to win our nation’s battles in free trade, controlled immigration, reduced crime and more job opportunities for all, then our new President and his government officials must remember that, “Nice guys finish last.” Trump knows this. Pay attention.

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