NYC Police Allow Sikh Officers To Wear Turbans & Beards for Religious Reasons

NEW YORK — New York Police Department (NYPD) now allows officers to wear turbans in place of the traditional police cap and they may have beards up to an inch away from their faces for religious reasons. Apparently there is no separation of Church and State within the NYPD.


Sikh officers of the NYPD with Police Commissioner James O’Neil (center) .
To comment on this Deplorable decision contact PC O’Neil at

Police Commissioner James O’Neill has announced new rules affecting all religious officers in the NYPD. Officers must first have approval and their turbans must be navy blue with the NYPD insignia attached. O’Neill says there are about 160 Sikhs serving in the NY Police Department.

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GWU in Washington, D.C. No Longer Teaches American History

According to College Fix, an education watchdog organization, George Washington University in Washington, D.C., has joined a list of top ranked U.S. colleges and universities that longer require history majors to study American history. They can graduate from  GWU without taking an American history course.

Image result for gw university

According to Fix and LifeZette, and as reported in the Washington Times 12-26-16, GWU History Department Chairman Karin Schultheiss and other history instructors at the University turned away all inquiries about this new rule at GWU. Only the school’s newspaper, The Hatchet, indicated this new policy was a way to “recruit students” and “better reflects a globalizing world.”

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First Muslim Member of Congress Wants to Lead More Radical DNC


Minnesota Democratic U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison is seeking to become head of the nation’s Democratic National Committee. His new platform for the DNC proposes to expand Social Security, raise minimum wage to $15 per hour, protect voting rights for felons, decriminalize marijuana, counter climate change, stand up for illegal aliens, increase taxes on the rich and strengthen collective bargaining for labor unions.

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Russia Did For Americans What CNN and NY Times Did Not Do

Democrats are crying out, “The Russians hacked our Presidential Election. It does not count. It was an illegal vote!” What a joke. So what if the Russians, authorized by Vladimir Putin, are looking at DNC e-mails and showing us what they say? We’re looking at Russia’s e-mails too. This will not ever change. Cyber spying is now common practice. We should be grateful the Russians were watching the Democrats. Soon enough we will be grateful they’re watching Republicans. The hero in all this hysteria is WikiLeaks. However it got to us American voters, thank you! 


WikiLeaks did what the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, AP, or any other respectable News Agency in America should have done. WikiLeaks showed us in writing, in their own words, how totally and absolutely corrupt is the Democratic Party.

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The Hands Tell You Everything

Standing up and telling people what to do is not as effective as saying, “This is how we can do it together.” College professors do not understand this because they speak to classes, not with them, and because professors issue only grades stating if a student passes or fails. If a student fails s/he can take the class over. No one suffers physical, mental, or permanent financial loss by failing in a classroom.


For the business world it is much more harsh. Business people must learn how to gather artists, engineers, bankers, manufactures, vendors and buyers together to bring out the best in all of them at the same time for monetary success. Such business decisions determine who will eat and who will not. It is that stark a difference. Continue reading

True Bigots = True Liberals Who Control Democratic Party & Main Stream Media

(By Dr. Ira Staus, a fellow deplorable newspaper columnist.) 

ARLINGTON, VA – Big·ot·ry (ˈbiɡətrē/) noun, means intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.  With this word Hillary has shown the structure of the predominant progressive subculture in America. It is a universe divided into two kinds of people: those who Deplore, and those whose are to be Deplored. It was not a thought original to her. It describes in a nutshell the Obama Administration. It warned us what four more years would mean.


Official intolerance under Obama became nothing less than Official Bigotry. This may be hard for many people to grasp, because progressives have so insistently misused the word “bigot” — like their other terms of condemnation (racist, misogynist, homophobe…) — that few remember what it means.

Bigotry means an extreme intolerance of different views: a refusal to acknowledge that opponents are motivated by valid reasons and concerns; a dismissal of their views instead as a product of evil intentions and nefarious influences. Thus “religious bigotry” — the belief that one’s own sect speaks for God, and all others are a product of the influence of the devil.

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Major Media Refuses to Accept How Deplorables in Texas See Themselves

(Don Cadden of Alpine, TX., wrote a letter to the editor at Big Bend Sentinel newspaper in Marfa, TX. published Nov. 17, 2016.) 

As election day passed I had hopes my friends and I would no longer be berated and degraded by the media, local yellow dogs, and particularly by NPR for being “deplorable, ignorant, backward, and for clinging to our guns and religion.” But it is not to be. I’m now learning from them how the new president was elected by the ignorant and uneducated among us; those without the benefit of university educations and advanced liberal learning.


For example, my first call about the election results came from a Vietnam vet who not only has a degree, but also received the National Heritage Award for his prolific poetry. Later I joined with friends from Sul Ross, Texas Tech, Texas A & M, Texas State, the University of Houston and even one law degree from UT. These poor ignorant souls were all smiles and actually think our Republic might have a chance to survive. Pitiful.

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Wall Street Was Built to Keep Out Indians; What Will a New Wall Create?

George Washington took the oath of office as America’s First President in front of Federal Hall in 1789, facing Wall Street. The Bill of Rights became law here too. Upon birth of the United States of America, the world politically would never be the same.


Likewise, financially. Wall Street in New York City has become the most economically powerful place in the World. It is home today to the two largest stock exchanges on Earth: the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. But it took drastic measures by the local border patrol to get all this positive political and financial activity under way.

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