Major Media Refuses to Accept How Deplorables in Texas See Themselves

(Don Cadden of Alpine, TX., wrote a letter to the editor at Big Bend Sentinel newspaper in Marfa, TX. published Nov. 17, 2016.) 

As election day passed I had hopes my friends and I would no longer be berated and degraded by the media, local yellow dogs, and particularly by NPR for being “deplorable, ignorant, backward, and for clinging to our guns and religion.” But it is not to be. I’m now learning from them how the new president was elected by the ignorant and uneducated among us; those without the benefit of university educations and advanced liberal learning.


For example, my first call about the election results came from a Vietnam vet who not only has a degree, but also received the National Heritage Award for his prolific poetry. Later I joined with friends from Sul Ross, Texas Tech, Texas A & M, Texas State, the University of Houston and even one law degree from UT. These poor ignorant souls were all smiles and actually think our Republic might have a chance to survive. Pitiful.

Then a call came from a lawyer friend in Austin, with a degree from Harvard. Then another call from a UT alumni friend who grew up in a single parent family, worked his way through college (this is an antiquated term some readers may need to look up), and turned a used car business into 11 new car dealerships across Central Texas. These poor simpletons were ecstatic with the election results.

Oh, of course there was the call from one of my oldest friends who washed dishes and cleaned yards to get a degree from the University of Arkansas, only to squander it spending a career as an engineer for IBM, and he had the gall to tell me he thought God had given America one more chance. Obviously a clinger. (I’m pretty sure he had a table at a gun show once!) And an e-mail came in from another lawyer in Austin who was so stupid he had to settle for Stanford, and then stooped to being a fighter pilot to boot. Oh, the unwashed, the backward, the dreadful deplorables.


The really sad part of that day after the election came when I ran into five Mexican-American friends (several were actually misguided women), who were all celebrating the Trump victory. But they are all honest, law abiding, hard working family types, so we really can’t count them.

Looking at a map of the United States showing voting by county, I am blinded by a sea of red. Virtually all of the blue is located in large urban areas. Being an old gun totin’ hillbilly, I guess I just didn’t realize how uneducated and backward I really was. But I’m sure the media will continue to keep me well informed.

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