True Bigots = True Liberals Who Control Democratic Party & Main Stream Media

(By Dr. Ira Staus, a fellow deplorable newspaper columnist.) 

ARLINGTON, VA – Big·ot·ry (ˈbiɡətrē/) noun, means intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.  With this word Hillary has shown the structure of the predominant progressive subculture in America. It is a universe divided into two kinds of people: those who Deplore, and those whose are to be Deplored. It was not a thought original to her. It describes in a nutshell the Obama Administration. It warned us what four more years would mean.


Official intolerance under Obama became nothing less than Official Bigotry. This may be hard for many people to grasp, because progressives have so insistently misused the word “bigot” — like their other terms of condemnation (racist, misogynist, homophobe…) — that few remember what it means.

Bigotry means an extreme intolerance of different views: a refusal to acknowledge that opponents are motivated by valid reasons and concerns; a dismissal of their views instead as a product of evil intentions and nefarious influences. Thus “religious bigotry” — the belief that one’s own sect speaks for God, and all others are a product of the influence of the devil.

Bigots see a world populated by two camps: the crowd of good and intelligent people in one camp, the diabolical schemers plus their dupes in the other.


This explains Hillary’s dismissal of Trump’s supporters as hopeless sinful deplorables-irredeemables, plus their dumb hangers-on. “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call ‘the basket of deplorables’ — the racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.” And the other half? Desperate people, she explained, people whose stupidity is being exploited by the Trump demons.

Hillary did not invent the bigotry of the elite. She did not think it up for herself. She imbibed it from the mainstream media and from the universities. So did her audience. Bigotry — dismissal of conservative views as motivated by evil and stupidity rather than the reasons actually given for them — is purveyed daily by the media. And through the media, it pervades all the discourse spaces of America. People are taught as a matter of course to Deplore and Dismiss those who speak contrary to progressive positions, and when possible exclude them from the public spaces.

Later Hillary was compelled politically to apologize for the remark. But her “apology” tried to justify her remark. The only thing she regretted was failing to say that most of Trump’s supporters were the stupid dupes type rather than the irredeemable evil type.


Our national nightmare has lifted. For a moment. There may be cause for hope. Trump has hit back at the “lying media”, and more often than not come out on top. He has stood up to the Deplorers. He has made himself the champion of the Deplored. What he needs now is a strategy, not just for temporarily shielding himself the way Reagan and the Bushes did, but for unraveling the vast mafia of the interlocking power structures of the Deplorers, ranging from the media to the universities to many of the civil bureaucracies of the government. If he finds a strategy for doing this, America may yet emerge once again as a free country. A country with a free press, not a press that stifles our freedom of speech. A country with a democracy that votes for candidates who can honestly say what they think. A country with free and equal citizens, not Deplorers and the Deplored.

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