The Hands Tell You Everything

Standing up and telling people what to do is not as effective as saying, “This is how we can do it together.” College professors do not understand this because they speak to classes, not with them, and because professors issue only grades stating if a student passes or fails. If a student fails s/he can take the class over. No one suffers physical, mental, or permanent financial loss by failing in a classroom.


For the business world it is much more harsh. Business people must learn how to gather artists, engineers, bankers, manufactures, vendors and buyers together to bring out the best in all of them at the same time for monetary success. Such business decisions determine who will eat and who will not. It is that stark a difference.

Anyone trained in television communications knows that to persuade viewers and listeners one must speak (report) to them with clear, audible voices and open palms, like Jesus on the Cross. Doing so solicits empathy for what you’re saying and shows at the same time that you are open to receiving new information. Open palms communicate an open mind.

When leaders (like parents) point fingers to make a point it comes off as if they’re shooting a gun. The listener instinctively goes into a defensive position by closing his arms, his eyes, his arms and his mind. Liberals are losing political ground all over the world right now because they’ve forgotten the number #1 rule to winning support in a public forum: “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

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