Russia Did For Americans What CNN and NY Times Did Not Do

Democrats are crying out, “The Russians hacked our Presidential Election. It does not count. It was an illegal vote!” What a joke. So what if the Russians, authorized by Vladimir Putin, are looking at DNC e-mails and showing us what they say? We’re looking at Russia’s e-mails too. This will not ever change. Cyber spying is now common practice. We should be grateful the Russians were watching the Democrats. Soon enough we will be grateful they’re watching Republicans. The hero in all this hysteria is WikiLeaks. However it got to us American voters, thank you! 


WikiLeaks did what the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, AP, or any other respectable News Agency in America should have done. WikiLeaks showed us in writing, in their own words, how totally and absolutely corrupt is the Democratic Party.

The only reason Democrats are upset is because some of their own tricks are now backfiring. National newspaper columnist Cal Thomas wrote in his Dec. 13, 2016, column that during the 1960 Democratic primary in Wisconsin local Catholics were outraged after receiving a letter from Hubert Humphrey claiming his opponent John F. Kennedy was really an agent of the Pope. Humphrey’s letter claimed Kennedy would be moving the Holy See to Washington to take over the government. Upset by Humphrey’s accusation, Catholics in Wisconsin rushed out to vote for John F. Kennedy as predicted. Years later was it revealed that Humphrey’s letter, with a Minneapolis postmark, was actually paid for by Kennedy.


CNN, the Washington Post, the NY Times and any other self respecting news agency should be reporting how useless, incapable and not trustworthy too many reporters and their reports have become. The only profession less credible today than being a member of Congress is to be working in main stream print or television news, so say some Gallup Polls.

Why was WikiLeaks reporting what America’s reporters were not reporting? How disgraceful!  How humiliating for the profession of journalism that CNN and the New York Times, to name only a few, have become outright propaganda machines for government officials. Thank goodness Americans are smarter than their news sources.

The real danger facing the USA today is not Russians reading America’s e-mails. It is how low standards have become for anyone to become a TV News Reporter. We must bring back journalistic standards requiring reporters to tell both sides in every story with equally credible sources. The rule for TV News, especially, should be that if a source does not also give his name and title his information can not be released publicly. Even letters to an editor printed in any newspaper require adding the author’s name and hometown before it can be printed. TV and Radio News reports should require this too.

Print reporters and publishing companies are liable for what they print and distribute, i.e. Rolling Stone Magazine was sued and paid millions for reporting about a horrific rape at a fraternity house at the University of Virginia that never happened. TV and Radio News broadcasts should be liable too for anything they broadcast, including photographs, videos and spoken words. Editorial comments should always be distinguishable from facts in any ‘news’ report whether printed or broadcast. Bringing liability into the TV and Radio news industry would drastically reduce “fake news.” And in the case of Benghazi it would have saved American lives.

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3 thoughts on “Russia Did For Americans What CNN and NY Times Did Not Do

  1. The election results were not rigged by the Russians or anyone else who may have hacked the DNC emails. You’re right, the hackers just provided the voters with additional reasons not to vote for the Dems. In fact, if there is any evidence of voter fraud, it is by the Dems in Detroit (and they still did not win). All sour grapes!
    GB in South Carolina

  2. Sadly true, but not a happy situation at all. Assange-Wikileaks are enemies of our country and they’ll never change in that regard, and Putin is no friend at this point but at least he could change. The disgrace is that our media have been even worse. Assange-Putin have served as a corrective in our lying media context.
    Dr. Ira Straus, Virginia

  3. The most amazing part of this well written piece is Maureen Dowd, a very liberal columnist from the New York Times, wrote it! Submitted to by MAEastman, Virginia

    By Maureen Dowd
    Election Therapy From My Basket of Deplorables

    The election was a complete repudiation of Barack Obama: his fantasy world of political correctness, the politicization of the Justice Department and the I.R.S., an out-of-control E.P.A., his neutering of the military, his nonsupport of the police and his fixation on things like transgender bathrooms. Since he became president, his party has lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 14 governorships.

    The country had signaled strongly in the last two midterms that they were not happy. The Dems’ answer was to give them more of the same from a person they did not like or trust.

    Preaching – and pandering – with a message of inclusion, the Democrats have instead become a party where incivility and bad manners are taken for granted, rudeness is routine, religion is mocked and there is absolutely no respect for a differing opinion. This did not go down well in the Midwest, where Trump flipped three blue states and 44 electoral votes.

    The rudeness reached its peak when Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed by attendees of “Hamilton” and then pompously lectured by the cast. This may play well with the New York theater crowd but is considered boorish and unacceptable by those of us taught to respect the office of the president and vice president, if not the occupants.

    Here is a short primer for the young protesters. If your preferred candidate loses, there is no need for mass hysteria, canceled midterms, safe spaces, crying rooms or group primal screams. You might understand this better if you had not received participation trophies, undeserved grades to protect your feelings or even if you had a proper understanding of civics. The Democrats are now crying that Hillary had more popular votes. That can be her participation trophy.

    If any of my sons had told me they were too distraught over a national election to take an exam, I would have brought them home the next day, fearful of the instruction they were receiving. Not one of the top 50 colleges mandate one semester of Western Civilization. Maybe they should rethink that.

    Mr. Trump received over 62 million votes, not all of them cast by homophobes, Islamaphobes, racists, sexists, misogynists or any other “ists.” I would caution Trump deniers that all of the crying and whining is not good preparation for the coming storm. The liberal media, both print and electronic, has lost all credibility. I am reasonably sure that none of the mainstream print media had stories prepared for a Trump victory. I watched the networks and cable stations in their midnight meltdown – embodied by Rachel Maddow explaining to viewers that they were not having a “terrible, terrible dream” and that they had not died and “gone to hell.”

    The media’s criticism of Trump’s high-level picks as “not diverse enough” or “too white and male” – a day before he named two women and offered a cabinet position to an African-American – magnified this fact.

    Here is a final word to my Democratic friends. The election is over. There will not be a do-over. So let me bid farewell to Al Sharpton, Ben Rhodes and the Clintons. Note to Cher, Barbra, Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham: Your plane is waiting. And to Jon Stewart, who talked about moving to another planet: Your spaceship is waiting. To Bruce Springsteen, Jay Z, Beyoncé and Katy Perry, thanks for the free concerts. And finally, to all the foreign countries that contributed to the Clinton Foundation, there will not be a payoff or a rebate.

    As Eddie Murphy so eloquently stated in the movie “48 Hrs.”: “There’s a new sheriff in town.” And he is going to be here for 1,461 days.

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