GWU in Washington, D.C. No Longer Teaches American History

According to College Fix, an education watchdog organization, George Washington University in Washington, D.C., has joined a list of top ranked U.S. colleges and universities that longer require history majors to study American history. They can graduate from  GWU without taking an American history course.

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According to Fix and LifeZette, and as reported in the Washington Times 12-26-16, GWU History Department Chairman Karin Schultheiss and other history instructors at the University turned away all inquiries about this new rule at GWU. Only the school’s newspaper, The Hatchet, indicated this new policy was a way to “recruit students” and “better reflects a globalizing world.”

The problem is, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” So said Edmund Burke (1729-1797) and a member of British Parliament who supported the American Colonies in their dispute against King George III.  Read more here as GW unites with other tax supported, prestigious American universities to no longer require learning American history. One can now live in the United States without speaking English, without having citizenship and without knowing the country’s culture or history.

GWU Ditches U.S. Requirement for History Majors





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