Ft. Davis, Texas Schools Have No Intruder Problems

FT.DAVIS, TEXAS is an amazing place with perfect temperature all year ’round. Its population of about 1200 have excellent temperament all year ’round too. Travelers stay at the famous Indian Lodge Resort (shown here) and tour McDonald’s Observatory. Without city lights within a 400 mile radius to affect nighttime view, McDonald’s Observatory sits atop the 5000′ mountains looking out into other galaxies.

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It is 185 miles going West to El Paso and 170 miles East to Midland when driving from this distant Texas border town. It’s one of the safest places in America to live, even though it’s next to the U.S. Mexico Border. There’s a reason why. Deplorables in Ft. Davis support the U.S. Constitution and its 2nd Amendment.  They teach about it even in Elementary School. No children in Ft. Davis are afraid when they’re at school.

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McDonald Observatory founded in 1939 is a world leading source for astronomers to study external galaxies. This observatory sits in so isolated a place hardly any people live there, much less the lights, pollution and traffic problems they would bring.

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Dirks-Anderson Elementary School in Ft. Davis,Texas has posted this sign with the knowledge and support of the local community and police department.


Written by Cynthia Neu McCluskey, who attended school in nearby Alpine, Texas.

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  1. You know there’s something fishy when you have to be assured of your own safety. Safest place to live from outsiders of course, but not from yourselves. You know what I mean.

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