Mexico Starts Paying for Wall

WELL, WELL, WELL ~  Looks like Mexico is paying for a new Wall after all. Within weeks of winning his election U.S. President-Elect Trump convinced American icon car builder Ford Motor Company to cancel investing 1.6 billion U.S. dollars for a small car plant to be built in Mexico. This was on top of saving at least 800 Carrier Air Conditioner jobs in America last November. Mexico is feeling today what it’s like to lose jobs because of politics. One does not have to build a concrete Wall to stop Mexico’s abuse of U.S. immigration and business openness. Trump can simply Wall off business with Mexico. Trump did it. Good for him.

Mexico cannot have it both ways. It cannot push its least educated, lowest skilled people, who too often are criminals, to take jobs and live, and even collect federal government benefits in the USA, while at the same time take America’s factory jobs for its workers in Mexico. This rip off will stop! Go Trump! How do we help?

Ford CEO Mark Fields said  Ford’s move was a “vote of confidence for President-elect Trump.”  Fields also said Ford would keep production of a plant in Louisiana rather than move those jobs to Mexico too. What really happened is that Mr. Trump told Americans not to buy any Ford if it was made in Mexico. If we did we’d pay a massive 35% import tax. No thanks. We will do what Trump says. We will buy no Ford cars made in Mexico. 
Factory workers in Mexico are paid cheap wages, usually without benefits. All workers on both sides of any Wall to be built are currently exploited by corporations and politicians in both countries. Workers on both sides of the American-Mexican borders should be united, not fighting each other. Where are the workers’ unions now?

Cynthia Neu McCluskey, 800-955-9942

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One thought on “Mexico Starts Paying for Wall

  1. I think that have been some positive developments with regard to Mr. Trump. He is still acting like a child, but I believe he may grow up a bit when he sees what is ahead of him.. The Ford CEO is making the move he is making because of what Trump is promising. Less regulation,
    and other financial incentives that will help Ford. The real question is at what cost to tax payers here. Perhaps the pendulum has swung too far in regards to regulation, the real question is will it swing too far back the other way.

    I like the fact that the republicans decided to table the ethics committee independence situation, as it was simply going to allow the Republicans to have the fox guarding the hen-house. Trump did force their hands in this regard.

    As for Carrier, say what you will, but the facts are that there were tax payer incentives to keep some of those jobs here in the United States. In the long run it has yet to be seen whether those kinds of incentives to “negate the free market” which republicans talk about all of the time like it is a bad penny, will be a positive sum game. Carrier obviously thinks so. In the meantime, both Carrier and Ford are still moving some jobs to Mexico.
    I will say that the higher the profile there is about these sorts of things happening could positively impact decisions that other businesses might be making as regards the shifting overseas labor pool.

    Overall, so far, not bad, and business as usual may have to change their tune. The Republicans and the Democrats may have to change their tune also. My over all impression is that Trump may be an independent thinker.

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