At 9 PM Turn Off Obama’s Speech


Tonight at 9 PM Eastern time President Barack Obama will give his farewell address to the nation speaking on national TV from Chicago. Because he has not listened to us Americans for 8 years we have voted for Mr.Trump to replace him. Obama did us no good. He and his liberal buddies say we are “deplorable” because we believe in states’ rights, are pro-life and because we want to protect our country from constantly being invaded by aliens with no job skills, no education and who rob benefits from our deserving veterans and own homeless people. Worst of all many aliens want and do kill us. Mr. Obama is building a wall around his new mansion in Washington, D.C., because he does not want people anywhere near where he lives. Tonight, join me in turning off your TV too. From now on let us Americans, who love our country and each other, keep Obama and his hate filled speech out of where we live forever and ever. We will all be better for it.

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