Deplorables Blast USAA In Defense of Fox News’ Sean Hannity

USAA PH: 210-531-8722   CEO is StuartParker@USAA.COM

The  United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a Texas-based Fortune 500 company with headquarters in San Antonio, TX. It’s a 100 year old financial services company dedicated to serving active and retired military. CEO Stuart Parker is removing USAA advertising from Sean Hannity’s  #1 rated Fox TV News Show because of social media pressure USAA is receiving from a left leaning political group called MediaMatters. It’s comprised of liberal activists who do not want Hannity to continue investigating the murder of 27 year old Democrat Seth Rich who was murdered in Washington, D.C. on July 10, 2017, shortly after Wikileaks released e-mails showing the DNC’s disdain for Bernie Sanders and the voting public in general. 

Seth Rich was known to support Bernie Sanders. He was employed by the DNC in a capacity that would have given him access to the information released by Wikileaks. His murder has left D.C. politicos distraught because while his murder was reported by police to be the result of a failed robbery, none of his personal items were taken even though he laid there dead. His wallet, money, phone and I.D. were all found on his bullet riddled body at the scene of the late night crime.  He’d been shot in the back. How was that a robbery?
When WikiLeaks announced it would pay a $25,000 (twenty five thousand dollars) reward for information about Rich’s death Hannity increased his show’s investigative efforts. Now, suddenly USAA ads are pulled off Hannity’s show with USAA saying it’s reacting to demands from its MediaMatters customers and supporters who find Hannity’s work offensive and dishonest. USAA is being pressured by MediaMatters that claims Fox News and Hannity made up this “conspiracy theory” story line on Seth Rich’s death simply to make more TV advertising revenue.  In reality, MediaMatters is out to silence Conservative Radio Talk Host and TV News Anchorman Sean Hannity any way it can. 
And MediaMatters also claims Julian Assange at WikiLeaks is offering a $25,000 reward merely so investigators will stop looking at the Russians who really did all the leaking. Seth’s parents want Hannity’s investigation efforts stopped too. Why? Don’t his parents want to know who murdered Seth and to take legal action? Reportedly Mr. and Mrs. Rich want the police to investigate the death of their son, but not Sean Hannity on commercial television. 
In Washington, D.C., former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, is calling for all fellow conservatives and fellow USAA customers to derail MediaMatters’ influence at USAA.  Bongino is a former United States Secret Service agent to both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. He worked for the New York Police Department in the ’90s and is a graduate of both City University in NY and Penn State University receiving a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and business administration respectively. Bongino is reaching out to fellow Deplorables on the Internet.  It appears here:


Breaking: USAA is boycotting Hannity. This BS stops now. Boycott USAA! #BoycottUSAA

Posted by Daniel Bongino on Thursday, May 25, 2017


To USAA CEO: You’re a traitor to all active and retired American military if you cease advertising on Sean Hannity’s Fox News TV Show. Do not spoil the 100 year old good name of USAA by caving in to the leftists at MediaMatters. Continue advertising on Fox News so we who treasure our U.S. constitutional right to a free and open press will continue to support USAA. In turn, we will ask Hannity to proceed with his TV News reports and investigation showing restraint to protect Seth Rich’s family.  
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  1. Stuart Parker, like most USA corporation CEO’s, could care less about Americans. They are in “it” for the money and only the money. Greed drives these bastards.

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