Elitist Business Professor Advocates for Amazon

Remember the obnoxious professor in the movie ‘Back to School’ with Rodney Dangerfield? Well, Peter Morici, an economist and business professor at the University of Maryland sounds likes him today in the Washington Times when he writes that “Brick and Mortar Stores deserve the heat from Amazon.” Morici cannot be bothered with parking at malls and/or on crowded streets with expensive meters when he’s shopping for his bicycle parts, or when he wants to shop at Whole Foods.

Morici finds it a real pain to overcome fellow shoppers who’re having lunch at burger places near where he wants to go, or sipping wine in the very stores where he’s trying to shop. He writes that all stores with inferior help, or even worse, personal check-out lines, should lose out to Amazon which now delivers to your door. This kind of thinking is exactly why us stiffs who work at brick and mortar stores have our children today go to college on-line rather than attend brick and mortar universities where elitist professors like him bore them to death with useless anti-business lectures. Some body needs to teach this so called Business Professor that “What goes around comes around!” See for yourself when you read it here.

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