No Diabetics Allowed in Military and No Transgenders Either

People with diabetes and/or flat feet are not allowed in the military because they can not be guaranteed ready for deployment at any moment. What if a man who thinks he’s a woman starts crying when he’s ordered to go to war? What does a troop commander do? 

A compromise would be for President Trump to say anyone who is no longer confused about being a he or a she can join (or stay in) the military, assuming they meet all other requirements both physically and mentally. The military is not set up financially, mentally, or medically to help persons ‘find’ themselves. Its mission is to be ready for deployment anywhere in the world at any time to fight violently for the U.S.A. When such requirements cannot be fulfilled no applicant can qualify for military admission. This is not discrimination. This is military survival. Even more importantly, it is America’s survival. At this time President Trump is correct when disallowing any (more) transgenders in the U.S. military. 

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One thought on “No Diabetics Allowed in Military and No Transgenders Either

  1. It is a privilege to be in the military, not a right. The prisoners in some places can get change over surgeries at taxpayer expense, of course. The military needs to fight war.

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